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root> Lenovo Flash Files> A10-70F TAB 2>
FileSend DateSizeDescribe
A10-70F_S000121_151222_ROW_Farsi Android 5.0.1 2017-12-12 رام اورجینال فارسی لنوو A10-70F نسخه S000121 اندروید 5.0.1
A10-70F_S000216_170601_ROW Android 6.0 Farsi Arabic Stock ROM 2018-01-09 رام اورجینال فارسی لنوو A10-70F نسخه S000216 اندروید 6.0.1
A10-70F_USR_S000120_1509071010_MP13V1.16_ROW.rar 2017-12-12 1.39GB
HQ_WriteStation_V2.1.28_141024.rar 2017-12-12 2.93MB 2017-12-12 31.23MB
ReleaseNote_A10-70F_USR_S000120_1509071010_MP13V1.16_ROW.xls 2017-12-12 285.5KB
a660x_usb_driver and SOP.rar 2017-12-12 9.78MB
release note_F_S000120.xls 2017-12-12 31.5KB
Tags Lenovo Flash Files A10-70F TAB 2 A10-70F S000121 151222 ROW Farsi Android 5.0.1 S000216 170601 6.0 Arabic Stock ROM USR S000120 1509071010 MP13V1.16 ROW.rar HQ WriteStation V2.1.28 141024.rar MTK flashtools ReleaseNote ROW.xls a660x usb driver and SOP.rar release note F S000120.xls رام اورجینال فارسی لنوو نسخه اندروید 6.0.1