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VIP ACCESS OFFER PACKAGE   Remove Samsung Account , Google Account , FRP UNLOCK All Samsung android and new security

Terms and Conditions Of Download Center 1. Purchased account is just only for your personal use or in the shop. 2. Multiple use of an account is not allowed. 3. You are not allowed to use and download from site with virtual servers, proxies , vpn and vps types. 4. Make a strong password and don't let others acces it to have a higher security 5. you will purchase after reading the guidance section and viewing the excisting files on the website, So there is no excuse to remove your access and have your money back after that. 6. your payment is just for downloading excisting files on the website and there is no guarantee for updating files. 7. there is no charge for activating and having access to Pars Hamrah society , But if you take the irregularities in the forum the manager can terminate your access. 8. All flash files in the site are downloaded from support section of offical brands and any problem with the file or after the flash is at your own risk. In the event of any failure to comply with any of the above conditions your account will be blocked without any notice and no fee will be returned to you.